Persib Defender: No Option Besides Defeat Perseru

Persib Defender: No Option Besides Defeat Perseru

Persib Bandung target victory in the fight continued the League 1 competition when come to the headquarters Perseru Serui at Marora Stadium, Serui, Saturday (29/07/2017).

Although status as a guest team, did not dampen the motivation of Persib players to get maximum results. The winless record in the last four games makes the skill Maung Bandung wants to get up.

“We want to bring good gifts to bobotoh.I know the previous game many bobotoh disappointed, Persib can not bring victory, so baseball no choice but to win against Serui,” said Persib defender Tony Sucipto.

“We do not want to repeat when Persija’s opponent, when our opponent Persija hard work, but the result is not good We know that goalkeeper Persija play well, in the match later Serui we will maximize efforts to achieve full points,” he said.

Tony explained, various preparations have been made by the team of trainers including accelerating travel time in order to anticipate fatigue. Because, as long as this becomes a constraint Persib when playing in the cage team nicknamed Cendrawasih Orange.

“The preparations for our match are ready, we want to get the full points and the coaches have directed us to do the best in Serui later, but the journey is not an excuse either, we started from the beginning to tackle fatigue, optimize the training there,” he explained.

“We worked hard first, we believe that the process will not betray the results, so pray for us to achieve full points,” said Tony.

Huddersfield Shoot Sabiri

Huddersfield Shoot Sabiri

Promotion club this season, Huddersfield, reportedly aiming midfielder FC Nurnberg, Abdelhamid Sabiri Agen Sbobet Terpercaya.

The Moroccan player is now in the spotlight of the coach David Wagner, who is now interested in Sabiri’s quality, who is able to play well in every season.

Although interested in bringing Sabiri, the Huddersfield until now has not given any official offer to the Nurnberg.

Wagner said “I think Sabiri is a player with extraordinary talent.”

“Of course all the clubs want to bring in quality players. For that I want to bring Sabiri. ”

“And I feel sure Sabiri is successful at Huddersfield.”

Pires: Arsenal will benefit from Lehmann’s discipline

Pires: Arsenal will benefit from Lehmann’s discipline

Arsenal football legend Robert Pires believes that the presence of Jens Lehmann as a staff at Emirates Stadium will have a positive impact on the team.

The German man has previously had a career with the Gunners in two different periods, but the 2003-2004 competition was the best to help his former Premier League club while he was at Highbury and during his active play was well known for his discipline, especially in the dressing room.

With that consideration then Arsene Wenger memboyongnya back as one of his staff and proven recently the 47-year-old man successfully increased the appearance of the third goalkeeper, Emi Martinez which became a star in Bayern Munich match with penata last weekend kick in China.

“This is good news. I am very happy with Jens, he is a good person and good and professional, “Pires told the media.

“He can help goalkeepers but not only them, but other players.

“You have to have a competitive side and Jens always has it. He is a great professional. He is a German too, so he has his own rules.

“Sometimes he’s very tight, but you need to have discipline in the locker room and Jens is a man who can bring that up.”

Out of Persegres, Fitra Ridwan Participates in Dave and Rendi’s Trail

Out of Persegres, Fitra Ridwan Participates in Dave and Rendi’s Trail

Fitra Ridwan out of Persegres Gresik United team Agen Sbobet Terpercaya. The decision was made ahead of Laskar Joko Samudro team facing Sriwijaya FC in advanced League 1 in Surajaya Stadium, Lamongan, Monday (24/7/2017) night.

That means, Fitra follows the steps of Dave Mustain and Rendi Saputra, who also do the same. Both Fitra, Dave and Rendi, are midfielders.

With this decision then the stock of Persegres midfield is definitely thinning. Management claimed to be glancing at some new names.

“Fitra came out because of team evaluation. The letter we have received and indeed when Sriwijaya opponent yesterday he was no longer with us, “said the secretary of Gresik United Persegres team Hendri Febry, Tuesday (25/07/2017).

“With Fitra, it means three people already. Because Dave and Rendi, already no longer together with the team, “he said.

Hendri said, the evaluation is done by the team of coaches and management because Fitra often absent in strengthening the team Laskar Joko Samudro in the first round of League 1. This makes the team becomes not maximal.

Meanwhile, for the replacement candidates, management claims to have found it even though for now it can not be announced. Because, the first round has not finished and the pause has not started yet.

“For a replacement already exists. It is only unethical to announce it now, as the competition is still ongoing and we also want to respect the team that the players are defending at the moment, “Hendri said.

Not only local players, the performance of foreign players is also in the monitoring. Including Choi Hyun-yeun, who had been sidelined for some time due to a long injury, which he got at the start of the competition.

“But we also still see the extent of his performance, there are still more matches to see it, because basically Choi himself had previously played good, only yesterday he was injured and had not played long,” he said.

Previously, Gresik United also has started selecting two goalkeepers Choirun Nasirin and Firmansyah. In addition, there are also two names selection Papua Ananias Fingkrew and Ferry Kabeth, who tried his luck to inhabit the position of the attacker.

[VIDEO] Martial’s Action Issues Three Real Madrid Defenders Lingard Has His Own Way of Praising

[VIDEO] Martial’s Action Issues Three Real Madrid Defenders Lingard Has His Own Way of Praising

Anthony Martial is a nightmare for the opponent’s back line and will continue to be a better player for Manchester United, according to teammate Jesse Lingard.

French international winger was a creator of goals created by Lingard in a friendly match counter Real Madrid in the ICC. In the action, Martial was able to pass three defender El Real with a lethal movement. He then sends the pull bait towards the empty Lingard in front of goal.

Anthony Martial action video

Not only Lingard, the architect Jose Mourinho also sent praise for Martial appearance. But he also urged that Martial continue to maintain its consistency, following last season’s experience where it is difficult to enter the starting XI of his choice.

Martial is the opponent’s nightmare

This summer, Martial was linked with his move from Old Trafford. Remembering the Red Devils are currently trying to bring Inter Ivan Perisic winger.

Nevertheless, Lingard is still convinced that the 21-year-old winger will feature the best for next season.

“Anthony has a great leg when it is used to control the ball and he has high confidence to perform the action in the game,” said Lingard on MUTV.

“It was a nightmare to defender the opponent. Lucky I could be in a room close enough to the goal, got the ball from my partner and scored it into the goal. ”

“He’s getting better. He’s still very young and if he keeps bringing it up with his confidence and shows his reaction to scoring in the next few games and until the season comes he will help us a lot. ”

Red Devils managed to win on penalties after a 1-1 draw with Madrid in San Francisco. They won 2-1 at the tosan tosan, and David De Gea performed brilliantly with some of his brilliant rescue.

The result is a continuation of their positive incision that also previously beat Manchester City, Real Salt Lake and LA Galaxy. (Source: Manchester Evening News)

Pires: Lacazette Will Need Time To Adapt

Pires: Lacazette Will Need Time To Adapt

Robert Pires reminds Arsenal fans to be patient with Alexandre Lacazette, and is confident that the player will need time to adapt in the Premier League Agen Sbobet Terpercaya.

The 26-year-old striker brought in Arsenal with a transfer banner of 60 million euros, and Pires asked the Gunners fans not to expect instant results from the player.

“I think he will be successful, but he needs time to adapt,” the Arsenal legend told reporters.

“He is a good striker, and has scored many goals for Lyon. Of course, the adaptation process here will be difficult at the beginning, when you’re used to playing in France, the game in England is definitely not the same. The match here is very aggressive. ”

“Maybe he will need time to adapt, but everyone around him will have an important role, especially the french connection that is on the team.”

“But to find that point of adaptation, find the rhythm and also the tempo, for me, I need six to seven months.

“It’s very difficult, for me the most difficult thing is to follow the aggression and intensity of the game that is here.”

Klopp: I’m Satisfied With The Appearance Of Liverpool Kontra Palace

Klopp: I’m Satisfied With The Appearance Of Liverpool Kontra Palace

Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp has stated that he is very satisfied with the performance and results against Crystal Palace on Wednesday at the Premier League Asia Trophy.

Where the match took place in Hong Kong stadium, the Reds managed 2-0 win over foster children Frank de Boer and two goals each scored by Dominic Solanke and Divock Origi.

That way, then the Merseyside club will advance to the final party which has been awaited by Leicester City at the weekend.

Although his team won, but Jurgen admitted that beating the South London club was not easy. Even the tactical interpreter praised the performances of Andros Townsend, Wilfred Zaha and also Christian Benteke which is really troublesome foster children throughout the game.

“I have to say that it is a good performance,” Jurgen Klopp told the media.

“This is the most difficult situation for both teams because it’s like a hard workout. Pre-season, we have to train hard.

“It’s hot here and we played today and both teams played good football in the first half, especially individuals from Crystal Palace like Andros Townsend, Zaha and Benteke. I think it is really difficult but we are able to survive well.

“We play good football as a team, with bait and also good movement and running from behind well.

“We have to be patient with speed, but we come from behind, where there is space opened. But not scoring goals.

“That’s how football is, so in the second half we try to keep on doing it until it happens and make many changes. And then we scored a very good goal from Dominic.

“It was an individual but sort of was already playing with one individual performance. While the second goal of the team game, where we are in the penalty box with so many players and then we can finish the situation. Which is really very good. “

Mkhitaryan Ready to Help Lukaku Print Many Goals

Mkhitaryan Ready to Help Lukaku Print Many Goals

Los Angeles – Henrikh Mkhitaryan hopes to work well with Romelu Lukaku. He wants to help Lukaku score goals for Manchester United.

Lukaku brought MU to fill the position left by Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Wayne Rooney. Belgian international striker was recruited from Everton with a transfer value that could reach 90 million pounds.

Lukaku has scored his first goal when ‘Red Devils’ won 2-1 in a preseason test match against Real Salt Lake on Monday (07/17/2017) ago. Goals that made Lukaku was not separated from the ball operan released by Mkhitaryan.

Mkhitaryan also hope that cooperation with Lukaku like that will continue. The Armenian midfielder wants to help Lukaku produce many goals to bring MU to success.

“I look forward to a good relationship with Lukaku, I know very well the strength,” Mkhitaryan told ESPN FC.

“I will help him score as many goals as possible because it is very important for him, for me, and for the club.”

“I hope I can help him help us achieve our dreams this year and win a lot of games,” he said.

Before joining MU, Mkhitaryan has worked with top strikers such as Robert Lewandowski and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang. But Mkhitaryan is reluctant to compare them with my Lukaku.

“He’s different and not the same, I’ve played with a lot of good strikers, they’re all different from different qualities and skills, so you can not compare,” Mkhitaryan said.