3 Things To Do Harry Kane For Samai Level Messi and Ronaldo

3 Things To Do Harry Kane For Samai Level Messi and Ronaldo

Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are two of the greatest footballers today. Their superiority has far left other players in the past 10 years and is unrivaled by anyone who has so far consistently featured beautiful games.

But after a decade, rivals for both began to emerge with a level of game that is also equally remarkable. It could even threaten Messi-Ronaldo’s dominance soon.

Some of the young stars are starting to reach the highest level in their careers and are expected to compete with the fantastic duo. One such player is the fertile striker Tottenham Hotspur, Harry Kane.

Kane is in the best form of his career, playing at an incredible level in recent seasons. The 24-year-old striker even became the top scorer in two consecutive seasons in the Premier League.

He also successfully menganta has pulled him to be compared with the duo of current football magnet Messi and Ronaldo. With some of them claiming that Kane has reached their level.

While it is true that Spurs’ main striker has been at a phenomenal point, he still has a long way to go before it really deserves juxtaposing with Messi and Ronaldo. And here are three things you need to do in order to reach that level.

1. Keep developing the game

Harry Kane as it is known has been very brilliant in the last three seasons, with an average of scoring 30 more goals per season. But that’s not enough, he should be more in terms of goal scoring, assist and overall contribution if he wants to be called as Messi and Ronaldo’s dominance of domination.

As a concrete proof Messi and Ronaldo often scored a number that is actually impossible to do as a normal footballer. Both players almost every season scored 40 more goals and 20 more assists.

That’s normal for both stars and for Kane he has to imitate what they both do to be called the number one player in the world.

2. Consistency

Messi and Ronaldo have done their charm for a decade consistently, so Kane can reach the second level, he must do what they do at least 5-8 years away.

The dedication of the superstar duo and in addition to the natural ability they have gained, Messi and Ronaldo have also improved their weaknesses and are now enjoying the result by being at the peak of their strength.

Therefore Harry Kane needs to maintain performance at the highest level every season. Scored, broke the record and brought his team to victory.

3. Switch clubs

Despite the expensive expenses for transfers and salaries by the English team, in fact they are lagging far behind La Liga in individual award exchanges. Like Ballon d’Or, FIFA FIFPRO, FIFA Best Player.

In order for Kane to be truly an elite, she has to move to a bigger club whether in Britain or in any other country. Especially the team that does have a champion tradition every season, something that seems difficult Kane get at his current club Tottenham Hotspur.

Real Madrid have been rumored to be pursuing his signature to become Karim Benzema’s potential successor. In addition Cristiano Ronaldo’s career has entered the twilight years, as well as the future of Gareth Bale on the verge of doubt, Kane can become ‘The New Galactico’.

(Source: Sportskeeda)

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