Vertonghen: Kane is Greater than Ronaldo

Vertonghen: Kane is Greater than Ronaldo

Tottenham defender, Jan Vertonghen rate Harry Kane is more valuable than any player at Real Madrid

Spurs will host the defending European Champions League champions on Thursday early morning.

Asked if he was willing to exchange Kane’s figure for Cristiano Ronaldo, Vertonghen stated: “Obviously they’re both reliable players.”

“Ronaldo has quality and Harry also has it. Apart from that we have to show respect to Ronaldo for all the titles he has won over the years. ”

“It’s hard to compare because they’re different players but right now Harry is one of the best in Europe, probably the best in my opinion.”

“So I will not swap Harry for any player.”

Vertonghen also said that Tottenham can beat Real, and qualify for the last 16, even without the England striker.

“Harry is a very important player for this group,” Vertonghen. “But surely we can beat Madrid with or without Harry.”

INFOGRAPHICS: Falcao Fierce Defeat Messi

INFOGRAPHICS: Falcao Fierce Defeat Messi

Had sluggish in the Premier League with Manchester United and Chelsea, Radamel Falcao appear craze with AS Monaco. Statistis even beat Barcelona star, Lionel Messi.

Together with AS Monaco, Falcao has recorded eight matches with a duration of playing for 664 minutes in the event Ligue 1 this season. Just like Messi, the Colombian striker became Monaco’s goal machine.

He scored 12 goals from 22 goals by AS Monaco this season. That means, Falcao contributed up to 55 percent of Monaco’s goals throughout the season.

Falcao also recorded release 18 kick into the opponent’s goal, 13 of them on target. Accuracy kick very large, ie 68 percent.

Falcao Infographics Beat Messi

While Messi has made seven appearances with Barcelona in La Liga this season. 30-year-old player was recorded to have playing minutes for 630.

Messi recorded to be La Liga top scorer with Raihan 11 goals. However, his goal contribution to Barcelona lost to Falcao, which is 48 percent.

The Argentine striker has 42 shots from seven appearances in La Liga, 25 of them on target. Again, the accuracy kick Messi lost to Falcao, only 60 percent.