Persib Keeper Blessed with a Second Child

Persib Keeper Blessed with a Second Child

Persib Bandung goalkeeper, I Made Wirawan, was happy after his wife, Rucika Kalra, gave birth to her second child of male sex at 09.30 am through cesarean process, Monday (7/8/2017).

Made said, before, the wife wanted to give birth normally.

However, after a long wait, the signs of labor normally have not been felt so that it is decided for a cesarean section.

“It was about 9:30 am by caesare, the time was quite long waiting, but there are no signs, so fear why so we decided to caesarean section,” said Made when contacted via telephone on Monday (7/8/2017 ).

Made claimed to have not prepared a name for his second child because the tradition of giving a name is usually prepared from the family of his wife.

“His name will be given newly known, usually from the custom of the wife’s family,” said goalkeeper numbered back 78 this.

After accompanying the birth of his wife, Made went directly to Bali to carry out the tradition that usually run after getting a baby.

“Again want to go back to Bali, there is a ritual, but baseball will be long because tomorrow has come back here, Persib also practice,” he said.

Opportunity Spaso Very Thin, Persija Choose Reinaldo?

Opportunity Spaso Very Thin, Persija Choose Reinaldo?

Persija Jakarta is currently looking for a figure of qualified foreign attackers to face the second round of League 1 2017. Persija’s President Director, Gede Widiade, said that his team is looking for foreign players who had a career in Indonesia Agen Sbobet Terpercaya.

There is a reason Persija set these criteria. According to Gede, management wants the foreign players to play directly because they already have Temporary Stay Permit Card (Kitas).

“If we are looking for players who do not have KITAS, yes loss, because taking care of KITAS it takes one more month,” said Gede told, Saturday (5/8/2017).

“That means the player will not play for 6 games, so we are looking for players who already have Kitas.”

Currently there are two foreign attackers who have played in Indonesia and do not have a new club. First is Ilija Spasojevic who decided to leave the Malaysian club, Melaka United, and Reinaldo Elias da Costa who just released PSM Makassar.

Gede said that Spaso’s chances of joining Persija are slim. While Reinaldo have greater opportunities for uniformed clubs nicknamed the Tiger Kemayoran.

“Spaso we have invited yesterday against Espanyol but he did not come, so we invite again,” said Gede.

Persib Defender: No Option Besides Defeat Perseru

Persib Defender: No Option Besides Defeat Perseru

Persib Bandung target victory in the fight continued the League 1 competition when come to the headquarters Perseru Serui at Marora Stadium, Serui, Saturday (29/07/2017).

Although status as a guest team, did not dampen the motivation of Persib players to get maximum results. The winless record in the last four games makes the skill Maung Bandung wants to get up.

“We want to bring good gifts to bobotoh.I know the previous game many bobotoh disappointed, Persib can not bring victory, so baseball no choice but to win against Serui,” said Persib defender Tony Sucipto.

“We do not want to repeat when Persija’s opponent, when our opponent Persija hard work, but the result is not good We know that goalkeeper Persija play well, in the match later Serui we will maximize efforts to achieve full points,” he said.

Tony explained, various preparations have been made by the team of trainers including accelerating travel time in order to anticipate fatigue. Because, as long as this becomes a constraint Persib when playing in the cage team nicknamed Cendrawasih Orange.

“The preparations for our match are ready, we want to get the full points and the coaches have directed us to do the best in Serui later, but the journey is not an excuse either, we started from the beginning to tackle fatigue, optimize the training there,” he explained.

“We worked hard first, we believe that the process will not betray the results, so pray for us to achieve full points,” said Tony.

Out of Persegres, Fitra Ridwan Participates in Dave and Rendi’s Trail

Out of Persegres, Fitra Ridwan Participates in Dave and Rendi’s Trail

Fitra Ridwan out of Persegres Gresik United team Agen Sbobet Terpercaya. The decision was made ahead of Laskar Joko Samudro team facing Sriwijaya FC in advanced League 1 in Surajaya Stadium, Lamongan, Monday (24/7/2017) night.

That means, Fitra follows the steps of Dave Mustain and Rendi Saputra, who also do the same. Both Fitra, Dave and Rendi, are midfielders.

With this decision then the stock of Persegres midfield is definitely thinning. Management claimed to be glancing at some new names.

“Fitra came out because of team evaluation. The letter we have received and indeed when Sriwijaya opponent yesterday he was no longer with us, “said the secretary of Gresik United Persegres team Hendri Febry, Tuesday (25/07/2017).

“With Fitra, it means three people already. Because Dave and Rendi, already no longer together with the team, “he said.

Hendri said, the evaluation is done by the team of coaches and management because Fitra often absent in strengthening the team Laskar Joko Samudro in the first round of League 1. This makes the team becomes not maximal.

Meanwhile, for the replacement candidates, management claims to have found it even though for now it can not be announced. Because, the first round has not finished and the pause has not started yet.

“For a replacement already exists. It is only unethical to announce it now, as the competition is still ongoing and we also want to respect the team that the players are defending at the moment, “Hendri said.

Not only local players, the performance of foreign players is also in the monitoring. Including Choi Hyun-yeun, who had been sidelined for some time due to a long injury, which he got at the start of the competition.

“But we also still see the extent of his performance, there are still more matches to see it, because basically Choi himself had previously played good, only yesterday he was injured and had not played long,” he said.

Previously, Gresik United also has started selecting two goalkeepers Choirun Nasirin and Firmansyah. In addition, there are also two names selection Papua Ananias Fingkrew and Ferry Kabeth, who tried his luck to inhabit the position of the attacker.