Liverpool Vs Sevilla, Klopp Decide Loris Karius So Starter

Liverpool Vs Sevilla, Klopp Decide Loris Karius So Starter

Juergen Klopp has determined the goalkeeper who will be a starter when entertaining Sevilla in the inaugural match Group E Champions League at Anfield on Thursday (14/2017) early morning hrs Agen Sbobet Casino.

Juergen Klopp decides that Loris Karius is the one who will escort Liverpool goalkeeper cons Sevilla.

However, according to Klopp, there is no guarantee that Karius will be the top choice for the rest of the season.

“If there is nothing, Loris Karius will be a starter, but that does not mean he will be Liverpool’s number one goalkeeper,” Klopp said.

Klopp said that he still gives the same chance to play for Karius and another Liverpool goalkeeper, Simon Mignolet.

“The problem of the first goalkeeper and the second goalkeeper is not to be debated until the end of the world, a player will not be a starter if he is lazy to practice, and Karime and Mignolet are both practicing diligently,” Klopp said.

The German coach said that he gave the same opportunity for both goalkeepers to be equally at home.

“If one of them does not play, they will go and we have to look for an old goalkeeper who is reluctant to play,” Klopp said.

According to Klopp, he would have preferred if Liverpool had some good goalkeepers who could be played in turn.

“My plan is to utilize the quality of all the goalkeepers and keep them in. Let the appearances on the pitch determine their eligibility,” Klopp said.

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