Opportunity Spaso Very Thin, Persija Choose Reinaldo?

Opportunity Spaso Very Thin, Persija Choose Reinaldo?

Persija Jakarta is currently looking for a figure of qualified foreign attackers to face the second round of League 1 2017. Persija’s President Director, Gede Widiade, said that his team is looking for foreign players who had a career in Indonesia Agen Sbobet Terpercaya.

There is a reason Persija set these criteria. According to Gede, management wants the foreign players to play directly because they already have Temporary Stay Permit Card (Kitas).

“If we are looking for players who do not have KITAS, yes loss, because taking care of KITAS it takes one more month,” said Gede told BolaSport.com, Saturday (5/8/2017).

“That means the player will not play for 6 games, so we are looking for players who already have Kitas.”

Currently there are two foreign attackers who have played in Indonesia and do not have a new club. First is Ilija Spasojevic who decided to leave the Malaysian club, Melaka United, and Reinaldo Elias da Costa who just released PSM Makassar.

Gede said that Spaso’s chances of joining Persija are slim. While Reinaldo have greater opportunities for uniformed clubs nicknamed the Tiger Kemayoran.

“Spaso we have invited yesterday against Espanyol but he did not come, so we invite again,” said Gede.

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