Out of Persegres, Fitra Ridwan Participates in Dave and Rendi’s Trail

Out of Persegres, Fitra Ridwan Participates in Dave and Rendi’s Trail

Fitra Ridwan out of Persegres Gresik United team Agen Sbobet Terpercaya. The decision was made ahead of Laskar Joko Samudro team facing Sriwijaya FC in advanced League 1 in Surajaya Stadium, Lamongan, Monday (24/7/2017) night.

That means, Fitra follows the steps of Dave Mustain and Rendi Saputra, who also do the same. Both Fitra, Dave and Rendi, are midfielders.

With this decision then the stock of Persegres midfield is definitely thinning. Management claimed to be glancing at some new names.

“Fitra came out because of team evaluation. The letter we have received and indeed when Sriwijaya opponent yesterday he was no longer with us, “said the secretary of Gresik United Persegres team Hendri Febry, Tuesday (25/07/2017).

“With Fitra, it means three people already. Because Dave and Rendi, already no longer together with the team, “he said.

Hendri said, the evaluation is done by the team of coaches and management because Fitra often absent in strengthening the team Laskar Joko Samudro in the first round of League 1. This makes the team becomes not maximal.

Meanwhile, for the replacement candidates, management claims to have found it even though for now it can not be announced. Because, the first round has not finished and the pause has not started yet.

“For a replacement already exists. It is only unethical to announce it now, as the competition is still ongoing and we also want to respect the team that the players are defending at the moment, “Hendri said.

Not only local players, the performance of foreign players is also in the monitoring. Including Choi Hyun-yeun, who had been sidelined for some time due to a long injury, which he got at the start of the competition.

“But we also still see the extent of his performance, there are still more matches to see it, because basically Choi himself had previously played good, only yesterday he was injured and had not played long,” he said.

Previously, Gresik United also has started selecting two goalkeepers Choirun Nasirin and Firmansyah. In addition, there are also two names selection Papua Ananias Fingkrew and Ferry Kabeth, who tried his luck to inhabit the position of the attacker.

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