Persib Keeper Blessed with a Second Child

Persib Keeper Blessed with a Second Child

Persib Bandung goalkeeper, I Made Wirawan, was happy after his wife, Rucika Kalra, gave birth to her second child of male sex at 09.30 am through cesarean process, Monday (7/8/2017).

Made said, before, the wife wanted to give birth normally.

However, after a long wait, the signs of labor normally have not been felt so that it is decided for a cesarean section.

“It was about 9:30 am by caesare, the time was quite long waiting, but there are no signs, so fear why so we decided to caesarean section,” said Made when contacted via telephone on Monday (7/8/2017 ).

Made claimed to have not prepared a name for his second child because the tradition of giving a name is usually prepared from the family of his wife.

“His name will be given newly known, usually from the custom of the wife’s family,” said goalkeeper numbered back 78 this.

After accompanying the birth of his wife, Made went directly to Bali to carry out the tradition that usually run after getting a baby.

“Again want to go back to Bali, there is a ritual, but baseball will be long because tomorrow has come back here, Persib also practice,” he said.

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